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Most often, repairs are spoken of as a disaster like a flood or an earthquake. There is even a saying - repairs can not be completed, you can only stop. All this is because repairs are a difficult thing, if you approach it according to all the rules. You need to take into account a hundred little things and have dozens of special tools at hand. And we are not yet mentioning the quality and the time spent on it. Working with different materials and styles requires qualifications and experience. We repair bathrooms and basements, ground floors of residential buildings in Montreal, Laval, Dorval and nearby settlements. We have already completed more than 400 projects and are ready to bring the accumulated experience to you!

If you want to save yourself from difficulties, it is easier and more pleasant to entrust the repair to a group of professionals who have faced the most difficult situations and embodied the most complex interiors. We carry out repairs of private houses, carry out finishing in commercial premises and perform a full range of works. But in order to perform a high-quality repair, you first need to decide what we have to do. The type of repair depends not only on the duration of its execution, but also on the list of works performed.

If you prefer to move away from the standards and make an original design of the bathroom, then a designer renovation will suit you. As the name implies, in this case, they resort to the services of a professional designer. And our specialists are able to turn even a small apartment of a simple layout into an elegant and modern room in which beauty is combined with comfort. We create professional design projects and perform turnkey repairs.

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