Basement renovation in Quebec

A basement in a private house is most often perceived as a technical room: a pantry for gardening tools, a cellar for storing crops. In the meantime, it is easy to turn the basement into a full-fledged room, arrange here, for example, a wine cellar, a bar, a home theater or a billiard room. The basement kitchen is also becoming a very popular modern solution. Decorating and renovating a basement or basement will definitely transform your home by adding not only living space but also personality. If you have not yet decided on the concept of arranging a basement at home, browse through the photos of basements and basements in our portfolio and get interesting ideas.

How to start arranging a basement at home?

When you start renovating a basement, draw a plan and decide on the functional space that your home lacks the most. Do not be afraid to combine several spaces into one - if you install cabinets along the basement wall for storing seasonal items or winter rubber, this in no way prevents you from turning the interior of the basement into something else, for example, a laundry room. The basement of the house does not have to be dark and damp. Pay attention to a competent design of waterproofing and ventilation of the basement, and the temperature and humidity conditions will be the same as in the main rooms.

What is better to convert a basement or basement into a house?

Every family has different bedroom needs, so think about what kind of space you've been dreaming about for a long time, but you were running out of space. If your house has a lot of parties, then this room can be easily transformed into a home bar or a wine cellar. It can also be an ideal place for a home gym - the main thing is to provide good ventilation and, depending on the characteristics, heating or air conditioning.

What is more profitable: to make a basement with your own hands or hire a specialist?

If you are confident in your abilities, of course do your own repairs in the basement! It is not only more profitable from a financial point of view, but also much more interesting. Use your imagination and turn a non-residential space into a new favorite room. If renovation is not your strong point, the help of experts will help you turn your dreams into reality without unnecessary worries. We are ready to offer you a choice, and then put it into practice, a large number of ready-made design projects for cellars, basements and basements, and you will find what suits you!

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