Bathroom renovation in Quebec

We start our day with water treatments and finish the evening with them. High-quality repair of the bathroom and toilet is an important step in the process of home improvement. What are the features of the work?

Constant humidity and temperature changes, special conditions for electrics and communications. For this reason, the finish should be of high quality and impeccable. The professionals of our company guarantee the creation of exactly the kind of bathroom that you dream of. A long-lasting, safe and aesthetically verified space-this will be your place of power.

How much does it cost to repair a bathroom in Montreal?

This question is difficult to answer right away. The main difficulty lies in the fact that it is difficult to predict the final figures without measurements and knowledge of the characteristics, so the cost of repairing the bathroom will be known only after the installation and calculation work is carried out.

First, decide which type is interesting and financially profitable for you. We offer bath repair in Montreal, Dorval, Laval at a pleasant price, depending on your wishes. However, cheaper does not mean bad and low-quality at all. Many Canadian families want to order a simple and affordable option, which we will definitely perform perfectly.

What types of bathroom repairs are possible?


A fairly popular request. The space will become comfortable and cozy, while you will spend a minimum. Such an estimate will be made very quickly. The repair work itself will take place in a short time.


Our clients are also quite often interested in them. The set includes work with the floor, ceiling, walls, the budget of expenses is minimal. It is suitable for students, pensioners and other social strata of the population without high incomes.


The design solution and foreign building materials are assumed. The result will please you for more than one year.


Unique solutions, environmental coatings, premium decor – even the most picky customers will be satisfied after the commissioning of the object.

Capital repairs

This type is suitable for those who need to redevelop the room, combine or rebuild. If you need a bathroom renovation from a cheap housekeeper to a suite, you have come to the right place. We guarantee an individual approach and flexible price offers.

Here is what the professionals of the field recommend to do

Focus on light shades, this will expand the volume. Check out our works in the photo gallery, how we visually pushed the walls and enlarged the ceiling. Working with light is also important. Tiles should be of high quality, but remember that dark shades are difficult to use. Also plan the layout of the furniture-it should be beautiful and functional. It is better to take eco-friendly materials, after all, your health should not suffer. If you have children, choose safety and minimalism in the design. Write to our consultant how many sq. m. of your repaired plot for better bathroom renovation in Quebec.

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