Bathroom renovation in Brossard

6 simple steps that guarantee a high-quality turnkey bathroom renovation in any bathroom by experienced tile makers in Brossard:

1. First of all, leave a request on the website, call, write to us in any convenient way, make an order.

2.The Reno.Unique measurer will come to you at a convenient time for you. His task is to measure the room, offer a design project to choose from or coordinate the departure of the designer to create a new bathroom interior. As soon as you decide on the project, it's time for the next stage.

3.On the same day or even a month later - you conclude a contract with the measurer on the basis of the calculations performed. Important: we take the money only after the completion of all the work, when the repair is completely finished.

4.We bring materials and equipment to the facility, specialists come, we start repairs.

5. At the end of the construction work, we will remove all the garbage and offer to check the quality of the finish. After verification, you sign an act of completed work, indicating that everything suits you and the services are provided in full.

6. You pay for services in full or in accordance with the payment schedule by installments, credit.

Finishing includes:

  • Facing surfaces with ceramic tiles or plastic panels;
  • Carrying out engineering communications (replacing outdated ones or laying new ones);
  • Installing complex plumbing equipment, regardless of the size of the bathroom.

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