Bathroom renovation in Laval

A bathroom is a special room in which a certain microclimate is maintained. It should be comfortable for both the owner and all members of his family. It is better to order a technically competent and high-quality bathroom repair in Laval, Quebec in the company Reno.Unique.

At the preparatory stage of the bathroom renovation in the suburbs of Montreal, the personal preferences and needs of each client are clarified. It is necessary to determine the design beforehand, and also decide whether redevelopment is needed in the room. The employees of Reno. Unique will select high-quality materials.
Further, dismantling, installation, roughing, plumbing and other works are performed. Only highly qualified specialists will competently cope with the tasks set.

Reno.Unique masters have extensive experience in this field, practical skills and the entire list of necessary tools. Specialists will bring to life even the most daring design ideas. We take care of the materials, we will repair the bathroom in Laval in the agreed time frame.

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