Bathroom renovation in Saint-Iasent

The company Reno.Unique has been engaged in plumbing works for several years and has already managed to implement more than a hundred successful turnkey bathroom repairs and finishes in the province of Quebec, including in Saint-Iasent. If you want to order a bathroom repair from professionals, then call our company by phone.

The repair of the bathroom is divided into three types of work:

  • cosmetic;
  • capital repairs;
  • designer.

Cosmetic type of work is a light type of repair work, which includes updating the existing repair of the bathroom (puttingty of joints between tiles, painting pipes, walls and ceiling, etc.). Usually this type of repair work is carried out in order to maintain the novelty of the bath room and has the lowest price.

A major type of repair is a full-fledged replacement of tiles, painting of walls and ceilings, replacement of sinks, showers and bathtubs, replacement of pipes. After this type of repair, the bathroom gets a completely updated look.

The design type of repair is all types of repair work of the capital repair of the bath, plus an individual approach is connected to them. A professional designer works with you, who will select the interior project that is most suitable for you and your family.

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