Bathroom renovation in Sherbrooke

Ordering a bathroom repair in Sherbrooke from us, in the company Reno.Unique, you guarantee yourself comfort, reliability and safety. The fact is that the main criterion for its implementation is precisely practicality. Each element of the interior of this room should perform certain functions, if not practical, then design. After all, there are differences from the design one. First of all, they consist in the concept. First-class renovation involves the implementation of high-quality finishing of walls, floors and ceilings using modern materials. In the design repair, exotic products can be used, and some kind of motive is created around which the idea develops.

The features of a high-class turnkey bathroom renovation in our canadian company include:

  • You can order any design. For the convenience of choosing, we offer you to get acquainted with the photo on the site, the probability of finding it independently on the network is allowed.
  • We work with all types of materials, but we choose only high-quality ones from reliable manufacturers.
  • We carry out the work in stages, first the master comes to the apartment for preliminary design and budgeting. Then a team will arrive to perform the work.
  • The estimated cost of the service before and after the repair will not change under any circumstances.
  • We perform a full range of works from design to final finishing and installation of equipment.
  • We make repairs quickly. If you do not need to level the floor, then the tile can be laid on the first day.

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