Bathroom renovation in Trois Rivieres

There can be no small things in the decoration of the bathroom. Bathroom repair is a complex of services related to electricity, water supply, sewerage, installation of equipment.

Where should I start repairing the bathroom? Of course, with an assessment of the current state of the room and taking measurements. Then a detailed estimate is made for the repair of the bathroom and, if an order has been received from the client, the future interior of the room is designed. If the approval of the estimated cost of repairing the bathroom and the interior design is successful, we conclude an official contract and the team starts working.

By signing the contract, our clients from the city of Trois Rivieres, Quebec relieve themselves of all worries - we assume all responsibility for the purchase of finishing materials, the repair itself and the removal of construction debris. You can order from us both inexpensive cosmetic finishing of the bathroom, major repairs with redevelopment, and renovation of the bathroom according to a design project using elite materials.

By prior agreement with the customer, we in Reno.Unique will develop a design project of a bathroom for any type of repair. We will finish the bathroom in any house with the same quality. The cost of repairing a bathroom is one of the highest, compared to other rooms of a residential building. After all, in addition to the purchase of finishing materials, which are mainly expensive facing tiles, it is necessary to purchase a whole set of plumbing equipment.

Our price of turnkey bathroom repair is quite democratic and unchanged throughout the entire repair process. We take into account all the wishes of the client and on the basis of this information we offer the most optimal options for finishing the bathroom, adapting to the available budget. A long-term warranty is provided for repairs in the bathroom!

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